Halladay Season?

No it wasn’t a dream, the Philadelphia Phillies are still haggling a deal to get righty ace Roy Halladay.

Yet going into day two of discussions over whose going where, the whole situation’s turning into a nightmare, at least for everyone not getting Halladay.

After speculation from various sources that the Phillies would not part with beloved prospect Kyle Drabek the tides have shifted and it appears both Drabek and Cliffy Lee will both be shipped out of Philadelphia.

As it stands, the Phils would receive Halladay from Toronto, pending a physical on Tuesday and $6 million from Toronto to help cover the $15.75 million due to Roy Boy in 2010. It is also being reported that he will sign a 3-year extension worth another $60 million with a 1 to 2-year option after that.

It is also speculated that Phillies will also receive  Phillippe Aumont, Tyson Gillies and  pitcher Juan Ramirez from Seattle who will receive Lee.

General manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. made it clear last July and throughout the winter meetings in Indianapolis last week that the Phils would not send Drabek north of the border while corner outfielder  Dominic Brown would become major trade bait but it appears that Brown will be staying in Philly while the untouchable will be manhandled in the trade.

Drabek will join Michael Taylor and catcher Travis D’Arnaud in Toronto.

But why get rid of Lee?

Halladay and Lee, both Cy Young winners would give Philly the best 1-2 punch in baseball but like all things in this dark world it comes down to cash.

Simply put- Halladay wants to sign with Philadelphia for below market value while Lee wants to try to get Sabathia money on the market and honestly if you could rock $100 million, who’d go elsewhere too.

The Phillies also couldn’t get rid of the $6.5 million owed to Blanton to clear room on their $140 million budget to keep both pitchers for 2010.

Finally the trade for Halladay doesn’t go through unless the Phils give up Lee to Seattle.

Watch out! The underlying key to the trade is Dominic Brown. Shane Victorino and Jayson   become free agents after next season. Keeping a powerful and promising Brown is key in the scheme of the Phils as they look to move the prospect into a corner outfield spot because let’s face it, one of those free agents will be outta here.


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