Brett Favre Isn’t an Eagle,Yet

High school and professional sports have a lot in common. Jock straps, girls, partying and of course girls. But perhaps the biggest thing they have in common is rumors.

Aw, nothing beats a good ol’ rumor especially in this town.

In case you’ve been living in Detroit where quarterbacks come and go as much as Tigers’ mistresses, you’ve given all your hope and trust to one man in this town to win a Super Bowl.

Donovan McNabb.

Despite four consecutive NFC East division championships , five NFC Championship Games, one Super Bowl appearance and six Pro Bowls, we’ll get back to that, he’s basically as good as any Detroit Lions’ QB.

Numbers mean zilch when you can’t win the big one. McNabb will go down as the greatest QB in Philadelphia history but things just aren’t working out in the championship department. Cut the cord already.

I’m sure Chicago or Minnesota would love to have No. 5 and maybe he’ll win something for one of those towns but it isn’t happening here.

At the end of the day my money says he stays the final year of his contract but ESPN’s John Clayton told Mike Missanelli of 97.5 the Fanatic “if the price is right he’s gone.”

What would that take a second and fourth round pick? Then what do you draft a safety, how Quentin Michaels is a Pro Bowler is beyond me, and put all your faith in Kevin Kolb who has only started two games in his career?

Do you get rid of Michael Vick, or does he sound like a better option behind center, whoever that is next year, than either McNabb or Kolb?

I’d rather take an 8-8 rebuilding year than another year of playoff blue balls.

I lie. I’ll tell you what the Birds should do, go after Pro Bowlers Brett Favre or Kurt Warner. Both said that they would retire this week and both lead their teams deep into the playoffs, meaning they feel just short of sealing their legacies.

Since were talking about the January 31st Pro Bowl- really, a week before the Super Bowl? Is anyone excited about this?

A week before the Super Bowl.

That means the two best players in Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are out. Nice. Reggie Bush out, even better. Reggie Wayne, yup, you get the point. The two best teams will have no one representing them amongst the leagues’ elite.

Bad idea, and let’s no forget the hit Hawaii’s economy is going to take.

The only one excited here is McNabb because, I can’t believe I’m saying, he’s now a 2010 Pro Bowl QB by default.

Concerning all the controversy I’d much rather see Allen Iverson in the All-Star game than McNabb in the Pro Bowl.

To all the AI haters out there, we know he’s only a shell of his former self. Does he deserve to be in considering this years’ numbers alone no, but neither does Kevin Garnett or Tracey McGrady who hasn’t been in the league in what 5 years?

Iverson’s in because of career achievement. Everyone wants to push that NBA All-Star weekend is all about the fans, so let it be, they voted him in. Just be thankful the game doesn’t decide home court advantage in the NBA Finals.

Seriously AI coming back to Philly for one final year, assuming he retires at the end of the season, is the best thing to happen to the Sixers since he left. The only other exciting Sixers news isn’t even news it’s just rumors but while were talking about trade  rumors sources have revealed that the 76ers could be going after Amare Stodemire or Shaquille O’Neal in a trade involving Andre Iguodala.

You can probably find the answer via one of their Twitter tweets.

If that’s the case AI doesn’t retire because he always said he wanted to play alongside the Big Fundamental. I smell championship.

I admit, I’d love to see AI stick around if he helps the team, an actual 76ers team, win.

If you want the 40 shots per game bad boy AI of 2001, get Gilbert Arenas, I’m sure the Wizards would be glad if someone else paid his bail.

In Iverson’s bad boy defense, at least his glock wasn’t empty.

Speaking of empty, when’s the last time someone didn’t give Chuck Manuel an empty plate? The skipper lost 50 some pounds. Now he looks like the killer from the Saw series not the skipper from the World Series.

Congrats Chuck, I see a Rachel Ray book collaboration deal somewhere down the line.

If you haven’t seen Manuel’s new physic you’ll see him soon enough because pitchers and catchers report on February 17th.

It’s hard to remember when Philadelphia has ever been more antsier for Opening Day. The Phillies made so many right moves in the off season so why does the trade we’ve all been praying for in our southpaw savior Roy Halladay feel so wrong? 

Two words, Cliff Lee.


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