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Bob’s Breaking Down Barriers

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Cali Wins This Round

Nocturnal- beast of the night or a South Street skate shop?

Do the Dew and it’s a little of both.

The legendary Philadelphia skate shop just added to it’s gnarly repertoire, by designing cans.

Mountain Dew cans that is. Nocturnal was one of seven finalists in the King of the Mountain Dew Green Label Art Shop Series contest.

Professional skateboarders Kerry Getz and Mark Brandstetter founded Nocturnal in 2000 and along with artist J. Strickland their can design bunny hopped them into the regional finals and almost landed them smack dab on a can of Dew in 2011.

The contest was inspired by pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, and renowned skate artist Don Pendleton. The nation wide contest featured skate shops throughout the country but only one shop could brand their can and win the $10,000 prize.

Alas, 2010 wasn’t the year for the cup, er, can for Philadelphia as Cali’s Street Science Skate Shop took the honors.

If Philadelphia has anything to say about it, that’ll be the last time the city gets knocked of by a West Coast rival.

Besides Philadelphia’s still talking soda tax anyway.

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Pronger Propels Defense in Season Debut

The sell-out crowd of 19,652 rose to their feet for an eccentric ovation Monday night for the Philadelphia Flyers home opener at The Wells Fargo Center and it was all for one man.

Defensive guru Chris Pronger.

Well not exactly. But the Philadelphia defensemen was a major reason for Flyers fans to rejoice on a night where the 2009-2010 Eastern Conference Championship banner was revealed.

Pronger, who was listed as questionable before the game, made his season debut against the visiting Colorado Avalanche after missing all of the preseason and the Flyers first two games due to knee surgery in August.

What wasn’t questionable was Pronger presence on the ice in his return.

Behind rookie goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky’s second start in the net, the Flyers held the Avalanche to just 27 shots against 38 in Philly’s  4-2 win.

Pronger played 25 shifts for 20:26 total minutes on the ice and was on the game winning line during Jeff Carter’s  17th minute third period goal  put the Flyers up 3-2. Pronger also had a pair of  blocked shots in front of the rookie goalie.

Yet with the Flyers abusing the Avalanche with 20 hits, Pronger seemed to steer clear of any real hard-hitting action in his first game of the season.

In fact, he didn’t hit anyone.

“I really didn’t have the opportunity,” said Pronger when asked if he tried to avoid putting someone into the boards.  “It just wasn’t one of those games.”

And who could blame him. The Flyers 2009-2010 team MVP and most outstanding defenseman was a major presence and leader in the Flyers Stanley Cup run last season and could be a major player as the team looks to defend its conference  title this season.

Pronger is entering his second season in Philadelphia and 17th overall. After celebrating his 36th birthday on Sunday he made it clear that when the times comes to get physical on the ice the big hit  is always a “woulda, coulda, shoulda” opportunity.

Check. Check. And Check.


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Down, Set, Action!

By day he’s busting through lineman and blazing the way for NFL running backs.

By night he’s reeking havoc on movie sets.

No this isn’t the newest figment of Stan Lee’s imagination.

This guy’s the real deal.

This guy’s Owen Schmitt.

If you don’t know the name take note. Schmitt is the newest member of the Philadelphia Eagles and he crashed onto the scene in a big way Sunday versus the Washington Redskins with 3 catches for 43 yards.

He’s also the newest face in a rapidly growing Philadelphia film scene.

After fullback Leonard Weaver went down in week one, Schmitt was at the top of the Eagles list for replacements.

He didn’t hesitate to sign when the call came.

Schmitt was drafted in the 5th round by the Seahawks after heading a West Virginia University back field along side college superstars Pat White and Steve Slaton.

The Birds were attracted to his brash, unselfish, hard hitting, self inflicted face smashing, (yeah he smashed his own head with his helmet), style of play that will put him in another explosive back field with LeSean McCoy and Michael Vick (give or taken some broken bones.)

For all those reasons local Philadelphia film makers Shaun Paul Costello, Joe Gariffo and Brian Gallagher also gave Schmitt a call.

A call to the big screen.

Once again, Schmitt didn’t hesitate to jump on the opportunity.

The film is Booted. Shot all in the Philadelphia area starring Philly actor Greg Bell, Allan Ruck (Ferris Buellers Day Off, Spin City) and Jackass’ Ryan Dunn.

Even NBC 10’s Doug Shimel and Bill Henley make cameos.

Schmitt wasn’t able to smash heads in the film but he plays a larger than life bum who befriends Bell who is trying to get his girlfriend back by selling hot dogs off his booted car engine.


Sounds as complicated as Andy Reids play book. It’s just exectuted better.

As if testing screen passes on the field wasn’t enough, he’s passing screen tests in the theatres as well.

Either way Schmitt’s in the middle of all the action.

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