National Bracket Day is Upon Us

Time Warner Lounge

As a means to combat Valentines Day, Turner Sports has put the interest of men all around America in mind by declaring the first-ever National Bracket Day to be held March 14.

That’s right, Turner is teaming up with the NCAA by deploying street teams armed with Division I NCAA Basketball Championship brackets to college campuses nationwide just in time for the tourney’s opening tip Tuesday March 15. As if the madness wasn’t already enough nearly all 68 tournament qualifying campuses will be bombarded. Major cities such as New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago and Philadelphia will also be on the bracket warpath.

Along with the ground patrol, basketball fanatics can watch a one-hour bracket special at March Madness on Demand at or visit the Big Apple where Big East contender St. Johns resides to see the epicenter of all the madness -the Time Warner Building- where there will be the ultimate tourney pad with a monstrous bracket and lounge catered to the most die hard college basketball fans.

Will it be the year of the underdog or will the heavy hitters duke it out in the championship nobody knows better than the experts.

Fact- March is the most unproductive month of work in the office, so channel that energy into a bracket worth bragging about at the water cooler.

This year you have no excuse for being that Charlie Sheen train wreck who makes his picks according to the coolest mascot.

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