Beating the Winter Blues

Elvis’ “Blue Christmas” might be one track you leave off your holiday playlist. After all it’s hard to believe that during the “most wonderful time of the year” anything could be blue.
The season is full of bills, empty wallets, in-laws, traveling, layovers, hangovers, guys in red suits breaking and entering, spoiled egg nog, kids, kids, kids and of course a bit of joy.
It’s no wonder Clark W. Griswold blew a gasket in “Christmas Vacation” there’s more stress in the air these days than snow.
Okay, so maybe the holidays aren’t so ‘joyful’ after all and according to the National Institute of Mental Health, the holiday season is actually bluer that you might think. The season is just downright overwhelmed with SAD or seasonal affective disorder due to increased stress and the lack of light during winter causing some to spiral into, that’s right, the blues. Loneliness, sadness, disconnect and suicide are often sign of this depression.
The King might have known something we didn’t but the cure to depression is traditionally a long road of antidepressants full of unwanted side effects.
Until now.
A new pill free method is being put into play- hypnosis.  “Some people may be skeptical of coming in for hypnotherapy because they have friends and family as a loving support system, but what if they don’t have that support?” says Bryan Toder, certified clinical hypnotist and owner of the Plymouth Hypnosis Center.  “I believe sadness and loneliness can occur around the holidays for people lacking in these areas especially when they watch TV, or overhear a colleague talk about all the joys of their festive plans.”
Hypnosis may be deemed as taboo but with a new year comes a new state of mind. If you are experiencing any symptoms of depression know that help is available whether it’s a trip to the doctor, cutting out stressful activities, meditation, hypnosis or something as simple as a massage.  The longer you hold off the worse your situation becomes for you and your loved ones.
And before you swing by the bar for happy hour to blow off steam, remember alcohol is a depressant…

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