Tis’ the Season for Movies!

Hey everyone! Check out my IMDB page because I’ve been working on tons of stuff. Currently I just wrapped up the horror feature “Hallow’s Eve” with horror queens Danielle Harris and Ashley C. Williams and up-and-coming actors Courtney Baxter and Josh Flitter.

My other slasher “Down the Road” with the great Clint Howard is in festivals all over the country nabbing ‘Best Feature’ at the LA Shockfest last month.

I also host a new show on Comcast channels 66/966 called Datemakers that will air on Sundays starting January 15. Also keep an eye on the CW57 for new YMCA promos the Crew and I shot last week and CBS3’s Holiday Special.

I’m praying that the supernatural series The End Game: Dark Pawn gets picked up soon, hopefully by the SYFY Channel.

To wrap things up, I’m currently starting and producing Tom Walton’s feature “Dreams” which has a “Crash” like feel to it. Along with Walton, DP and actor Vaughn Goland and myself, the film also features former Bay Watch star Jeremy Jackson.

Finally my play “Do You Trust Your Best Friend”by the amazing Derrell Lawerence will have an encore show February 11 at the Temple Preforming Arts Theatre and yes “Flash” aka John Canada Terrell will be back on stage with us and our leader Walter DeShields.

Last but not least keep an eye on Fanadelphia for our teams complete coverage, pictures and behind the scene videos from the Winter Classic with our dear friends Scoop Cooper and Lou Nolan.

Quick stroll through the "Always Sunny In Philadelphia" cast in Part 1 of the season finale...


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