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Twitter Nation Just Got #Tebowed

Demaryius Thomas crossed several defenders at Denver’s 38-yard line, running full speed he simply extended his arms. As if descending from the heavens above, a perfectly thrown football landed between his fingers carrying him forward with momentum. Sprinting like tomorrow will never come, Thomas, the name Saint Thomas meaning architect, scampered 62 more yards past Ike Taylor and Ryan Mundy of the Pittsburgh secondary and into the end zone securing the Broncos’ (9-8) improbable 29-23 overtime Wild Card playoff win over the Steelers (12-5.)

Back at the Denver 20-yard line, quarterback Tim Tebow ‘Tebowed’ the entire nation.

As accustomed with one knee down and consumed in prayer, the rest of Mile High Stadium was in a frenzy while the man of the hour once again made peace with his Maker.

The Denver pieces are coming together and the design is complete- so far.

Sunday was Tebow’s best game in his two year career on his biggest stage. He finished the day 10-21 passing for 316 yards and two touchdowns in the air while running for 50 yards and another score. Not gawky numbers compared to other quarterbacks in the league but somehow this kid continues to win, with a smile.

Tim Tebow was a phenomenon even before his NFL record longest one one play, 11 second victory drive in overtime in his first playoff game. Even before his playing potential controversy, before he hit the NFL, heck even before his two National Championships and Heisman Trophy campaign at The University of Florida. Tebow is a phenomenon of character and the world now knows it.

With that game winning 80-yard strike the Twitter nation erupted. If you’re unfamiliar with social network get familiar especially if you’re a sports fan. While the City of Brotherly love had it’s playoff hopes crushed, Tebow gave Philadelphia and the rest of the nation a reason to believe in miracles.

Do you believe because these Philadelphia athletes and sportswriters do.

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek (BrentCelek) was in aw, “I don’t care what people say, this Tebow is a beast.”

Flyer’s legendary goalie Bernie Parent (Bernieparent) has seen his fair share of hat tricks, “Hats off to Tim Tebow great win tonight.”

Eagles Pro-Bowler cornerback Asante Samuel (Thepresidentcb) called it how he saw it, “The world is going bananas!!! Tebow Tebow Tebow…”

World Series champion Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins (JimmyRollins11) followed suit, “Tebow Tebow Tebow Tebow…”

Even the big boys like former Eagle Hugh Douglas (Bighugh53) knew they had seen something special “Wow!! Congrats!!”

Philadelphia Daily News writer Les Bowen (LesBowen) is no stranger to the debate of Tebow and his potential ”Justice. Karma. Etc.” While ESPN analyst Buster Olney (Buster_ESPN) had an Nostradamus moment “Puffs of smoke just appeared over Denver: The Broncos have been selected.”

Ahmir Khalib Thompson or Questlove of the Philly based band The Roots chimed in “take a knee #Tebow.”

But perhaps out of all the debating whether Tebow is worthy of all his success, one man perhaps put the entire essence of Tim Tebow, his game, his character and his faith into perspective, 76ers commentator Malik Rose. (MalikRose) “Watching ESPN and I see Tebow’s miraculous 80 pass play in OT gave him exactly 316 yards 4 the game John 3:16 for the man of God. Go Tebow!”

John 3:16, the foundation of all that is Tim Tebow.

Maybe Tebow is a fluke and perhaps next Saturday’s Divisional Playoff game against the New England Patriots will expose that but until then you just got #Tebowed.

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With Denver's 29-23 OT win against Pittsuburgh the nation was offcially Tim "Tebowed." Photo: Scout.com


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